Monday, November 25, 2013

[METHOD] Almost any Digital Download

Method #1:

This method works on ALL WORDPRESS SITES. Yep, it is this powerful
Now, what you want to do is find your wp site where it "hides" your precious download file.
With this method you won't have to give your email/register to any site ever again.
Now what you want to do is:
Type on the address bar, the following:
Just replace THETARGETDOMAIN with the actual domain.

With that code, you are forcing the WP site to search for all posts 
containing the word "download" [You can change "download" for whatever 
you want  ]
And you will get a list of posts on that domain with, VERY PROBABLE, the file you were looking for 

Now, go and try it for yourself on any WP site with a download file!!!

This method works on ALL WP sites!! That means, you can try it on CB sites, WSO sites, IM sites, and much more!!!!

NEXT to Method #2!!
Method #2:

Now, this method works with almost any site!!! Even if the site doesn't have WP, it doesn't mean you can't get the file without signing up or giving your email!!
Have you heard aabout the robots.txt file???
If not, it's a small file to tell SEs spiders/crawlers if you don't want to index a specific page/post.
Now, what you want to do is:

1) Get your target domain (The domain/site where it is the file you want )
2) Type as follows on the address bar:

Just replace THETARGETDOMAIN with the actual domain.

Now when accessing that URL, you will see sth like:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /RandomBS
In that file, the line "Disallow: /RandomBS" basically means that they don't want any spider/crawlers to go/index to the subdirectory "RandomBS".

So, you might think, WHY THE FUCK someone don't want spiders to go to that suddir?? Probably because there's sth there!!! Now, your duty is just to type on the address bar:

And you will, MOST OF TIMES, arrive on the download page!!!!!

Voila!!! And you thought magic didn't exist  
This method works on MOST sites that have robots.txt !!!!
I have found ebooks from CB, WSO following the above methods. Now, it is the time for our last method.

A method so easy to forget by Webmasters to block, that will probably 
only work on weak-designed sites. Sites designed by non-technical people

Method 3:

Yep, you read that right. Google.
Google indexes thousands of pages daily and probably if you are a non-technical webmaster, you forget that Google can index your Download page. WHAAAT???

Yep. Webmasters tend to forget about this tiny detail, which is opened to hundreds and even thousands of missed sales because of this.

Now, what should you search on Google?

First, try with:

This first search, will bring all of the indexed pages of that domain. 
You could go on and look on all of the indexed pages. Chances are the 
download page will be hard to find.

Now, why not try searching for a more specific term, such as "download"? [TIP: You could also search for the ebook name  ]

Try searching:

Code: "download" 
 OR "ebook name"
That way you will get all of the pages on that 
contains either the term "download" or the "ebook name", depending on 
what you searched.

Another Google Method is to search:

This way you will get all of the pdf indexed files, free, for you to download. [TIP: Just change pdf to whatever extension you want (zip, mp3, etc) to get other files]

Now, onto our Method 4!!

Method #4:


Easy enough, most of the times, webmasters forget about this little detail, which can cause people n ot buying and getting it for free.

Now, what you want to type on the address bar is:

 That way you will access their sitemap, if they have one. Now what you 
want to do is find a "download" post or sth related to that to get your 
free file 

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So, with these 4 methods, you CAN, probably (99%) of the times, get your file without paying a cent or giving out your information.

Also, please remember that this should also be considered as an opportunity for webmasters to increase the strength of their site by blocking the weaknesses above mentioned


And you thought that was the thread?


The bonus is simply to share some WSOs and CB products using the methods outlayed on this thread.

I will try to get 5-10 WSOs/CB products within a week as I am kinda lazy with this as I am not being paid

I will post the threads regarding the WSOs/CB on this thread